Pluto TV Review

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The Amazon Firestick is certainly the most popular streaming device on the market right now due to its low price and ability to jailbreak it with just a few simple tweaks. It’s a perfect streaming device for beginners as well advanced users who wish to cut the cord.

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What is Pluto TV?

Pluto TV is a video streaming service presently owned and operated by Paramount Streaming. You can enjoy over 250 channels that are 100% free but supported by ads. As of January 2022, the service averages over 64 million monthly active users.

Not only does Pluto TV have live TV channels but also a whole load of videos-on-demand. You’ll find everything from sports, entertainment, movies, gaming, kids, wildlife, adventure, as well as comedy and so much more, with no bills, no contract, just free TV.

Pluto TV Quick Summary

Official Service ✅ Yes
Availability US, Canada, Latin America & Europe
Works with a VPN ✅ Yes - Tested with NordVPN
Number of channels 250+
Categories Movies, Entertainment, News & Opinion, Reality, Crime, Comedy, Clasic TV, Home & DIY, Explore, SPorts, Gaming & Anime, Musioc, Latino, Kids, Local
On Demand ✅ Yes
Subtitles ✅ Yes
Sign Up Required ⛔ No
Devices All major devices, app stores and web browsers

Where is Pluto TV Available?

At this time, Pluto TV is available in the US, Canada, Latin America and Europe. If you are not located in any of these locations and want to stream content from this service then you may be able to use a VPN to bypass any location blocks.

Accessing content with Pluto TV through a VPN is also beneficial, even if the service is available in your area. As content varies depending on where you are located, changing your location to the US with a VPN generally unlocks new content.

NordVPN is my recommendation because it has strong unblocking capabilities. If you presently use IP Vanish as your VPN and want to unblock streaming services, I would consider switching to my recommended VPN. Despite IP Vanish being a safe and secure VPN, it does not have very good unblocking capabilities. Furthermore, you will struggle to use streaming services that are based outside of your location.


A VPN is required in order to bypass geographical restrictions on streaming services. By using a VPN you can choose your location and connect to the correct server to overcome streaming blocks. NordVPN especially has excellent unblocking capabilities and can unlock most streaming services, no matter where you are!

What Content Does Pluto TV Have?

Live TV Channels

Pluto TV offers a wonderful streaming experience when it comes to live TV channels and its layout. An EPG, or program guide, lets you know what is currently showing on every channel. Channels are also grouped into categories to make navigation easy. Additionally, you can add any channel to your favourites for quick and easy access. Select one of the following categories for a full channel list.

  • 007
  • Spotlight
  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Fantastic
  • Romance
  • Crime Movies
  • Thrillers
  • Horror
  • Terror
  • Black Cinema
  • Staff Picks
  • Documentaries
  • 90s Throwback
  • 70s Cinema
  • Paramount Movie Channel
  • Westerns
  • Classic Movies
  • Cult Films
  • Flicks of Fury
  • The Asylum
  • Paramount+ Picks
  • Showtime Selects
  • TV Land Drama
  • Stories by AMC
  • Beverly Hills 90210
  • Drama Life
  • Nashville
  • Baywatch
  • Degrassi
  • Soaps
  • Love Stories
  • Suspense
  • Star Trek
  • Sci-Fi
  • British TV
  • Dr. Oz
  • nosey
  • Judge nosey
  • The Price is Right
  • Deal or No Deal
  • Gameshow Central
  • Demand Africa
  • BET
  • MTV
  • Classic Toons
  • Pluto TV News
  • CBSN Live 24/7
  • CBSN New York
  • CBSN Los Angeles
  • CNN
  • NBC News NOW
  • WeatherNation
  • Sky News
  • Bloomberg TV
  • Cheddar News
  • CNET
  • Top Stories by Newsy
  • Today
  • News Max TV
  • Blaze Live
  • America’s Voice
  • OAN Plus
  • The First
  • TYT Network
  • Jersey Shore
  • Pluto TV Reality
  • Pluto TV Lives
  • Rescue 911
  • VH1 I Love Reality
  • Love & Hip Hop
  • VHI1 Hip Hop Family
  • Black Ink Crew
  • Dog the Bounty Hunter
  • Spike Pluto TV
  • Spike Outdoors
  • Skills+ Thrills
  • Bar Rescue
  • Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen
  • Ink Master
  • Survivor
  • The Amazing Race
  • The Challenge
  • Fear Factor
  • Pluto TV Vs.
  • Teen Mom
  • All Reality by WE TV
  • Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders
  • Pluto TV Celebrity
  • MTV Dating
  • People Are Awesome 
  • Pluto TV Crime Drama
  • Narcos
  • Pluto TV True Crime
  • 48 Hours
  • COPS
  • Forensic Files
  • Cold Case Files
  • The New Detectives
  • Unsolved Mysteries
  • Crime 360
  • Midsomer Murders
  • BritBox Mysteries
  • Court TV
  • Funny AF
  • TV Land Sitcoms
  • More TV Sitcoms
  • Slightly Off IFC
  • Black Throwbacks
  • Kevin Hart’s LOL! Network
  • Comedy Central Pluto TV
  • Comedy Central Animation
  • Stand-Up TV
  • British Comedy
  • Tosh.0
  • Wild ‘N Out
  • MST3K
  • RiffTrax
  • Pluto TV Pranks
  • Always Funny Videos
  • FailArmy
  • Classic TV Comedy
  • Classic TV: Families
  • Family Ties
  • Happy Days
  • Three’s Company
  • The Love Boat
  • The Andy Griffin Show
  • The Addams Family
  • Beverly Hillbillies
  • Johnny Carson TV
  • The Carol Burnett Show
  • The Bob Ross Channel
  • Julia Child
  • Classic TV Drama
  • Matlock
  • Mission Impossible
  • Perry Mason
  • Western TYV
  • Gunsmoke
  • Wated: Dead or Alive
  • The Rifleman
  • Doctor Who Classic
  • Dark Shadows
  • Shout! Factory TV
  • Classic Toons TV
  • Food TV
  • Iron Chef
  • America’s Test Kitchen
  • BBC Food
  • BBC Home & Garden
  • Dabl
  • Lively Place
  • The Design Network
  • This Old House
  • Tiny House Nation
  • Antiques Roadshow
  • Antiques Road Trip
  • Best Life
  • Weddings
  • Cats 24/7
  • Dogs 24/7
  • The Pet Collective
  • Faith TV
  • TBN
  • History
  • Smithsonian Channel Selects
  • Military
  • Cars
  • Animals
  • Paranormal
  • Science
  • Travel
  • Voyager Documentaries
  • Naturescape
  • Slow TV
  • CBS Sports HQ
  • Fox Sports
  • NFL Channel
  • MLB
  • MLS
  • PGA Tour
  • PBR RidePass
  • Sports
  • Fight
  • Boxing
  • Bellator MMA
  • Pro Wrestling
  • IMPACT Wrestling
  • GLORY Kickboxing
  • beIN Sports XTRA
  • Real Madrid TV
  • MAVTV Select
  • Backcountry
  • Waypoint TV
  • Action Sports
  • World Poker Tour
  • PokerGO
  • G4 Select
  • Pluto TV Gamer
  • IGN
  • MinecrafTV
  • Gameplay: Roblox
  • Gameplay: Fortnite
  • Gameplay: Sports
  • Gameplay: Call of Duty
  • Anime All Day
  • One Piece
  • Naruto
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • Lupin the 3rd
  • TokuSHOUTsu
  • Live Music Replay
  • Classica
  • CMT Equal Play
  • MTV Block Party
  • MTV Spankin’ New
  • MTV Biggest Pop
  • Yo! MTV
  • Vevo True School Hip-Hop
  • Vevo Pop
  • Vevo Latino
  • Vevo Reggaeton & Trap
  • Vevo R&B
  • Vevo Country
  • Vevo Retro Rock
  • Vevo ’70s
  • Vevo ’80s
  • Vevo ’90s
  • Vevo 2K
  • Cine Premier
  • Séptimo arte
  • Pelis y Popcorn
  • Cine adrenalina
  • Cine Terror
  • Cine ¡¡jaja!!
  • Cine XOXO
  • CSI en español
  • Narcos en español
  • The Walking Dead en español
  • Viaje a las estreallas
  • Series con Ñ
  • Investiga
  • Crímenes imperfectos
  • Emergencia 911
  • Mundo paranormal
  • Misterios sin resolver
  • Mundo viajero
  • Mundo geek
  • Foodies
  • Hell’s Kitchen en español
  • Telemundo telenovelas clásicas
  • Badass novelas
  • Novelas con la abuela
  • Amantes del romance
  • Sony Canal Comedias
  • Entre nosotras
  • Estrella TV
  • Mi obsesión favorita
  • Sony Canal Escape Perfecto
  • Top Gear en español
  • Spike ¡extremo!
  • Acapulco Shore
  • MTV en español
  • Comedy Central en español
  • Telefe noticias
  • Euronews
  • Nuestra Visión
  • Sala de parejas
  • Nosey escándalos
  • beIN Sports XTRA en español
  • Combate World
  • Lucha Libre AAA
  • Naruto en español
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! en español
  • Nick Jr
  • Pluto TV
  • Nick Jr. en español
  • Dora TV
  • Little Stars Universe
  • Little Baby Bum
  • Bebecito Bum y sus amigos
  • BBC Kids
  • Niños por BBC Kids
  • Baby Shark TV
  • Nick Pluto TV
  • Nick en español
  • Kids Movie Club
  • Rainbow Squad
  • Team Spirit
  • Kartoon Channel!
  • Find Out Why
  • LEGO Kids TV
  • Ryan and Friends
  • Forever Kids
  • No Parents Allowed
  • Grande-ish
  • Garfield and Friends
  • CBS News Bay Area
  • CBS News Boston
  • CBS News Chicago
  • CBS News DFW
  • CBS News Colorado
  • CBS News Los Angeles
  • CBS News Miami
  • CBS News Minnesota
  • CBS News New York
  • CBS News Philly
  • CBS News Pittsburgh
  • CBS News Sacramento
  • CBS News Baltimore
  • News 12 New York 

The streaming experience is exceptional. Live TV channels stream beautifully, in HD, without any buffering or lag. The only small issue that some viewers might have is the large number of ads.

A great feature if you are using a Firestick or other Fire TV, is that Pluto TV integrates with the Live TV tab that now features on most Fire TV devices. So, you don’t even have to go into the app to start watching any of these great channels, you can just tap over the Live tab and view the channel guide directly from your Amazon home screen.

On Demand

As well as hundreds of live TV channels, on offer are 1,000s of movies and TV shows on demand. Everything from hit movies, to full seasons of your favourite shows are available anytime, on-demand. Available content changes on a regular basis. The following list is an example of what was available to stream at the time of writing this review.

Movies TV Shows
• What's Eating Gilbert Grape • Gomorrah
• Halloween • Hell's Kitchen
• Odd Thomas • Married With Children
• Cruel Intentions • COPS
• Muriel's Wedding • Power
• Toy Soldiers • underbelly
• We Were Soldiers • The Lone Ranger
• Super Size Me • Wahlburgers

Do I Need to Sign Up?

No. As a matter of fact, no account, subscription or signup is required. In other words, everything is free! However, you do have the option to sign up for an account and that is totally free also! Signing up can get you additional benefits such as syncing your favourites and watchlist across devices. Simply entered the required information and hit the Sign Up button.

Where Can I Watch Pluto TV?

Pluto TV is available to stream on most of your devices as an app as well as on any web browser. Simply search your app store for Pluto TV then install it. Or visit the Pluto TV website. Additionally, if you use Kodi, Pluto TV can be found as on addon in the official Kodi repository. 

But if you can’t get Pluto TV from your app store then you may be able to sideload it. In order to do so, your device must be capable of installing apps from unknown sources. Once your device is enabled for sideloading, you can then install the app from my Downloads page.

A VPN is required if you want to bypass geographical restrictions on streaming services. By using a VPN you can choose your location then connect to the correct server to overcome blocks on your streaming. NordVPN especially has excellent unblocking capabilities and can unlock most streaming services, no matter where you are!

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