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Thousands of free live news apps offer local and global news channels at the click of a button. These apps can be installed on almost any device, e.g. Firestick, Fire Cube, Nvidia Shield, Android box, Chromecast, phones, tablets, PC and more.

The Amazon Firestick is undoubtedly the most popular streaming device on the market right now due to its low price and ability to jailbreak it with just a few simple tweaks. It’s a perfect streaming device for beginners as well as advanced users who wish to cut the cord.

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Free News Apps - Working Right Now (Updated March 2023)

Haystack News

Haystack news icon

Haystack News is a free service that allows users to stream local and global news from hundreds of channels and watch live coverage of breaking events.

Customisation enables you to choose the categories, sources and topics that matter to you most. Set your location to view weather alerts, forecasts, temperature, precipitation, wind and humidity.

Haystack News – How to use and Install

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