Windscribe VPN Free Review – How Does it Measure Up?

Looking for a way to keep your online activity private and secure? Virtual private network (VPN) services can help by hiding your information from cybercriminals and other prying eyes. If you’re on a budget, Windscribe offers a free VPN service with solid security features to protect you from online threats. In this article, we’ll take a close look at the benefits and features of Windscribe’s free VPN service.

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What is Windscribe VPN's Free Service?

Here at FireTVSticks, we understand how important it is to protect your online privacy and security. That is why we assess the safety and security of free VPNs to help you stay secure on a budget.

VPNs create a private network from a public internet connection, which means your IP address is hidden and your data is encrypted. This makes it nearly impossible for anyone to track your online activity.

Windscribe’s free VPN offers up tp 15GB of data per month, access to servers in 11 countries, and powerful privacy features, making it an attractive option for those seeking a free VPN.

We’ve thoroughly reviewed their free service, testing their ability to keep your privacy intact even with heavy internet use. Keep reading to discover if Windscribe VPN (free) is the right choice for you in today’s digital world!

Windscribe VPN (Free) Quick Overview

FireTVSTicks Rating
Data Limit/Month 2GB (can be increased by registering email/tweeting Windscribe)
Number of Free Locations 11 - United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Hong Kong, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Romania, Turkey
Number of Free Servers Unknown
Number of Connections Unlimited
AES-256 Encryption ✅ Yes
No Logs Policy ✅ Yes
Headquarters Canada
Is Outside the 5,9 and 14 Eyes Alliance ⛔ No
Support Available Limited - Browse FAQ's online
P2P/Torrenting ✅ Yes
Unblocks Streaming Services ✅ Yes

Windscribe VPN (Free) Features


Data Limits

When you sign up for Windscribe’s free plan, you’ll receive 2GB of monthly data. However, you can expand your bandwidth to 10GB by verifying your email address. If you share about Windscribe on Twitter, you’ll gain an additional 5GB of data that will never expire. Furthermore, if you invite your friends to join Windscribe, you’ll receive an extra 1GB of monthly data for every person you refer.

Number of Servers and Locations

As a free account user, you can access Windscribe’s servers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Romania, and Turkey. This is just a portion of the network available to paid users, spanning 63 countries and 110 cities.

Windscribe does not disclose its exact number of servers but claims to have “hundreds in dozens of countries and thousands of IPs.” Windscribe prioritises security and privacy by using physical, RAM disk-based servers that store data in server memory instead of on hard drives. This may also result in faster speeds. Additionally, Windscribe offers a server status page allowing you to check the server load in each location at any time.

Encryption and Security

Windscribe offers a free VPN service with top-notch security, surpassing most other free VPNs and competing with premium VPN services. It uses the robust AES-256 cipher encryption in conjunction with SHA512 authentication and a 4096-bit RSA key, providing a high level of security. Additionally, Windscribe’s service includes a DNS-based tool called R.O.B.E.R.T. that blocks ads, malware, trackers, and various types of internet content more effectively than other VPN providers’ basic DNS blocklists.

Windscribe has switched to RAM disk-based servers, which improve security and privacy by not storing data on hard drives. Instead, data is stored in server memory and disappears when the server is rebooted, reducing the risk of prolonged data storage. The app also has a unique feature called “Decoy Mode” that generates fake traffic, making it difficult for anyone to detect your real internet activity. However, this feature uses a lot of data and may not be suitable for casual users.

Windscribe claims not to keep logs of user activity, including connection logs, session logs, IP timestamping, or any other activity monitoring. The company only keeps records of users’ last connection date and the amount of bandwidth used in a month. It is important to note that Windscribe’s no-logs policy has not been audited by a third party, though the company states that its desktop and mobile VPN apps were audited in 2022, and its full server stack is currently being audited, with the results to be published in 2023.


As a Windscribe user, you can enjoy the benefits of Firewall, a superior feature compared to the standard “kill switch” option that other VPN providers offer. In the event of a connection drop, some VPNs may leak data packets during the brief interval before re-activation. However, Windscribe‘s Firewall guarantees that all external connections are blocked if they’re not within the VPN tunnel. You can choose to activate it manually, keep it on constantly, or set it to automatic mode.


Windscribe sets itself apart from competitors with its comprehensive tool called R.O.B.E.R.T. In addition to blocking ads and malware, you can also use it to block porn and gambling websites, fake news, crypto sites, social networks, and other VPNs when using a premium plan.

Unblocking Capabilities

We discovered that the free servers located in the US were effective in circumventing geographical restrictions for certain streaming services, such as The Roku Channel, Peacock, and Netflix.

If you have used Windscribe to access other streaming services besides the ones mentioned here, please share your experience in the comments below!

Windscribe VPN (Free) Performance Tests


Speed Test

We tested the download speed, upload speed and latency of Windscribe VPN’s free servers. We ran the tests on a Fire TV Stick 4K Max, connected via 5ghz Wi-Fi and the speed test website

Though a decrease in internet speed is expected when using a VPN, large drops can negatively impact your streaming or browsing experience. Below are the results of our tests.

Location Download Speed Upload Speed Latency
No VPN 145 Mbps 239 Mbps 1.5ms
UK to Netherlands 92 Mbps 149 Mbps 17ms
UK to UK 88 Mbps 130 Mbps 11ms
UK to Canada 82 Mbps 151 Mbps 94ms
UK to United States 78 Mbps 133 Mbps 144ms
UK to Hong Kong 14 Mbps 21 Mbps 198ms

In our tests with several of Windscribe VPN’s free servers, we discovered that streaming in 4K resolution was smooth and uninterrupted, thanks to the ample speeds.

However, we observed that the server situated in Hong Kong, which was the farthest away, performed poorly. It could only handle a maximum of HD streaming and suffered from significant buffering and lag.

DNS Leak Test

We used to check for DNS leaks, which can reveal a user’s location even when connected to a VPN. The screenshot confirms that no DNS leaks were found when connected to one of Windscribe VPN’s free servers.

Windscribe VPN (Free) Apps and Compatibility


Windscribe VPN offers apps that are compatible with various operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Huawei devices. Additionally, it provides extensions for popular web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Windscribe VPN can also be easily installed on routers, Kodi, Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, and any software or device that supports OpenVPN.

Fire TV/Android TV App

The Windscribe app can be used with Fire TV and Android TV streaming devices, but some important settings, like enabling R.O.B.E.R.T. and the Firewall, are unavailable. However, you can manually select the VPN protocol from IKEv2, UDP, TCP, Stealth, WStunnel, and WireGuard to customise your connection. Additionally, you can enable Split Tunnelling settings for added customisation.

One drawback of the Windscribe app is that it doesn’t group the free servers in a separate section of the menu. This can make it more time-consuming to locate them. To find them more quickly, you need to scroll through all the locations and add them to your favourites.

Desktop/Mobile App

The desktop and mobile apps are user-friendly and provide basic and advanced features such as Split Tunnelling. Additionally, the apps support Mac address spoofing, which reduces the risk of being tracked. For tech-savvy users, the app offers a command-line interface suitable for automating the VPN from scripts.

The Connection menu is handy for those accustomed to technology. It provides control over Firewall mode, proxy settings, VPN protocol selection, and proxy server configuration for TV or gaming consoles. The menu also includes R.O.B.E.R.T., which lets users block or allow specific elements like ads and malware.

Is Windscribe VPN (Free) Better Than Other Free VPNs?

If you’re currently searching for a free VPN option, Windscribe is worth considering. While it may not boast the unlimited data offering of Proton VPN’s free version, it does provide users with a generous data cap of up to 15GB. This is the highest data cap available among other VPN services that have data caps. It’s also important to note that Windscribe allows torrenting and streaming, which sets it apart from Proton VPN.

It’s important to keep in mind that regardless of whether you’re using the 2GB base level or the full 15GB available to free users, the amount of streaming you can do will still be limited. However, the fact that Windscribe allows for streaming and torrenting is definitely a plus. In contrast, Proton VPN’s unlimited data usage may sound appealing, but it will only be helpful if you can perform data-heavy activities like streaming or torrenting.

Another standout feature of Windscribe is its numerous free servers spread across the globe. There are 11 locations available to choose from, making it easy to access content from different regions. Additionally, Windscribe supports a broader range of platforms than all but, which adds to its overall versatility.

Free VPN Servers Countries Data Limit/Month Torrenting Unblocks Streaming
Windscribe VPN 11 11 2GB-15GB Yes Yes
Hotspot Shield 160+ 1 15GB (can be increased by watching ads) Yes No
Proton VPN 152 3 Unlimited No Some
PrivadoVPN 12 10 10GB No Yes VPN 7 7 10GB Yes No
Atlas VPN 3 3 5GB Yes No

Wrapping Up

If you need a dependable and feature-packed VPN service that won’t cost you a dime, Windscribe is definitely worth considering. With its generous data limit, support for streaming and torrenting, and an extensive network of servers worldwide, Windscribe is a reliable and versatile choice that could satisfy the demands of even the most discerning users.


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