Atlas VPN Free Review – What are the Pros and Cons?

The free plan offered by Atlas VPN is outstanding in a market full of options due to its impressive features and robust security. With its recent acquisition by Nord Security, it is expected to inherit even more capabilities. As our digital lives become more reliant on the internet, having a free VPN to ensure privacy and security is essential. In this article, we will examine the provider’s performance in terms of speed, highlight its features and privacy protocols, and address any questions or concerns that arise when selecting a VPN.

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What is Atlas VPN's Free Service?

Here at FireTVSticks, we understand how important it is to protect your online privacy and security. That is why we assess the safety and security of free VPNs to help you stay secure on a budget.

VPNs create a private network from a public internet connection, which means your IP address is hidden and your data is encrypted. This makes it nearly impossible for anyone to track your online activity.

The free plan offered by Atlas VPN stands out for its impressive connection speeds, reaching over 200Mbps. This provides a seamless experience for streaming high-definition videos and torrenting across its three server locations. Additionally, it includes features such as a kill switch, peer-to-peer (P2P) capabilities, and the WireGuard protocol, ensuring secure and flexible browsing.

We’ve thoroughly reviewed their free service, testing their ability to keep your privacy intact even with heavy internet use. Keep reading to discover if Atlas VPN (free) is the right choice for you in today’s digital world!

Atlas VPN (Free) Quick Overview

FireTVSTicks Rating
Data Limit/Month 5GB
Number of Free Locations 3 - Los Angeles, New York, Netherlands
Number of Free Servers 3
Number of Connections Unlimited
AES-256 Encryption ✅ Yes
No Logs Policy ✅ Yes
Headquarters United States
Is Outside the 5,9 and 14 Eyes Alliance ⛔ No
Support Available Limited - Email or Request Form
P2P/Torrenting ✅ Yes
Unblocks Streaming Services ⛔ No

Atlas VPN (Free) Features


Data Limits

Unfortunately, Atlas VPN does not measure up to other free VPNs in terms of data limits. Their free service only offers a modest 5GB of data per month, which equates to roughly 60 hours of internet browsing, streaming 1,000 songs, or watching 10 hours of standard-definition video. Given this limit, individuals who intend to use Atlas VPN for streaming may experience dissatisfaction.

Number of Servers and Locations

Atlas VPN provides free users access to servers in three locations: Los Angeles, New York, and The Netherlands. Unfortunately, the number and type of servers available in each location are unclear. To clarify this, we contacted Atlas VPN‘s customer service team and were informed that they use physical servers in these locations instead of virtual ones.
For paid users, Atlas VPN offers a variety of server options that are optimised for specific features. These include SafeSwap, streaming-optimized servers, and MultiHop+ servers.

Encryption and Security

Atlas VPN provides a range of security features for free and paid users, including 256-bit encryption and WireGuard and IPSec/IKEv2 VPN protocols. The free version also includes a kill switch to protect against internet disconnection or compromise, but users must remember to disable it when they stop using Atlas VPN manually.

The provider operates a no-logging policy, although it is based in Delaware, USA, which means it may be subject to local data collection and privacy laws. However, data need not be kept beyond 30 days. As part of the Five Eyes alliance, authorities in other member states may issue court orders to obtain customer data. Still, Atlas VPN needs to have its no-logs policy verified.

Users can customise their security settings within the app, including automatic VPN startup and selection of VPN protocols.

Unblocking Capabilities

Although some users have claimed that Atlas VPN can bypass geographical restrictions and grant access to major streaming services, our testing did not yield successful results for accessing Peacock or Netflix.

If you have used Atlas VPN to access streaming services, please share your experience in the comments below.

What's Not Included

Data Breach Monitor is a fantastic feature that lets you conveniently scan the web to determine if your personal data and email information have been compromised. The monitor provides a clear view of all the login credentials that require immediate changes, allowing you to take prompt action to safeguard your online security. However, this feature is available for premium users only.

Atlas VPN (Free) Performance Tests


Speed Test

We tested the download speed, upload speed and latency of Atlas VPN‘s free servers. We ran the tests on a Windows 11 PC connected via Gigabit Ethernet and the speed test website

Though a decrease in internet speed is expected when using a VPN, large drops can negatively impact your streaming or browsing experience. Below are the results of our tests.

Location Download Speed Upload Speed Latency
No VPN 927 Mbps 899 Mbps 6ms
UK to Netherlands 755 Mbps 609 Mbps 13ms
UK to New York 424 Mbps 678 Mbps 76ms
UK to Los Angeles 310 Mbps 555 Mbps 145ms

In our tests connecting to Atlas VPN‘s free servers, we were very impressed with the fast results. The server located closest in the Netherlands only caused a minor 18.55% reduction in speed.

Even when connecting to New York, where speeds decreased by 54.26%, we could still browse and stream without any interruptions. Overall, we found speeds with this provider to be more than satisfactory.

DNS Leak Test

We used to check for DNS leaks, which can reveal a user’s location even when connected to a VPN. The screenshot confirms that no DNS leaks were found when connected to one of Atlas VPN‘s free servers.

Atlas VPN (Free) Breaches and Audits

Over the last five years, Atlas VPN has not experienced any major security breaches. An independent cybersecurity audit conducted on the VPN app for iPhone by VerSprite, a US-based cybersecurity consulting firm, did not reveal any significant vulnerabilities that could have been exploited to affect users. Although the audit did find a few medium-to-low risk issues, they were not considered sufficient to compromise user privacy. The Atlas VPN team is currently working on addressing these identified vulnerabilities and is committed to transparency by sharing the findings with their customers.

Atlas VPN was acquired by Nord Security, the owner of NordVPN and Surfshark, and is now part of Nord’s corporate structure. As part of the acquisition, Atlas VPN is required to follow its parent company’s principles of transparency and trustworthiness and is subject to regular third-party audits.

Regarding privacy practices, Atlas VPN‘s privacy policy states that it does not log any user activity or data. All data necessary for creating a VPN connection is deleted when customers disconnect. The company confirmed that it does not sell user data to pay for the free service and that its only source of revenue is customer subscriptions for the paid version.

Atlas VPN (Free) Apps and Compatibility


Atlas VPN‘s free app is compatible with multiple operating systems and devices including Windows 10 (64-bit), MacOS 11.0, Android 7, Fire OS 7, iOS 14, Linux Ubuntu, and ChromeOS.

Fire TV/Android TV App

Unfortunately, Atlas VPN‘s free version does not provide apps compatible with Fire TV or Android TV. In order to utilise their services on these particular devices, users will need to upgrade to a premium plan.

Desktop/Mobile App

The desktop and mobile VPN apps are very user-friendly and have a similar layout. You can easily connect to your desired location from the home screen. However, free users can only access two US servers and one in The Netherlands. To find them, you can scroll down the entire list or use the search bar.

A convenient counter at the bottom right displays how much of your 5GB data cap you have used. Additionally, a side menu allows you to navigate between Home, Settings, and the Assistant menu. In the Assistant menu, you can enable Atlas VPN’s Data Breach Monitor and SafeBrowse tool. You can enable tools such as the kill switch or choose your VPN protocol in the settings menu.

Overall, the app is simple to use, but the company could improve the user interface to make it easier to access the free servers.

Is Atlas VPN (Free) Better Than Other Free VPNs?

When it comes to free VPN services, Atlas VPN stands out from its competitors in terms of its support for streaming and torrenting. While this may be a big draw for some users, it’s worth noting that the service only offers 5GB of data per month, which could limit your ability to watch your favourite shows and movies. Compared to other VPN providers, Atlas VPN has a tighter data cap and fewer servers available to its users. Users seeking an unlimited amount of data should consider Proton VPN.

Although the iOS app has undergone an independent VPN audit to ensure its security practices are up to par, it’s important to note that the company’s no-logs policy has yet to be analysed. This is common for a relatively new VPN provider, but Atlas VPN has expressed its commitment to releasing further audits later this year.

Overall, while Atlas VPN‘s free service may not be the best option for heavy internet users, its support for streaming and torrenting could make it an attractive choice for those who prioritise these features. As with any VPN provider, weighing the pros and cons before deciding is essential.

Free VPN Servers Countries Data Limit/Month Torrenting Unblocks Streaming
Atlas VPN 3 3 5GB Yes No
Hotspot Shield 160+ 1 15GB (can be increased by watching ads) Yes No
Proton VPN 152 3 Unlimited No Some
PrivadoVPN 12 10 10GB No Yes
Windscribe VPN 11 11 2GB-15GB Yes Yes VPN 7 7 10GB Yes No

Wrapping Up

Atlas VPN‘s free tier offers impressive connection speeds that are better than most other VPNs. It supports high-definition video streaming without buffering and successful P2P file sharing. However, there is a 5GB data limit, which may not be sufficient for many users.

The VPN service has other limitations, such as a limited number of server locations and usability issues when trying to contact customer support. Also, there are concerns about the need for a full audit, as only its iOS app has been audited to date.

Despite these limitations, Atlas VPN provides a decent service for a free VPN. Additionally, since NordVPN recently acquired it, it’s possible that these audit and usability issues may be addressed soon.


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