Kodi Version 19 Matrix has now been released & if like many others you have found your addons or builds are no longer working, you are not alone. I have had many of you reach out saying that since the update some of your addonsbuilds are not working correctly anymore.

Firstly why is this happening to some people? If you have downloaded Kodi from the Google Play Store, it is more than likely that Google Play has automatically updated Kodi to Version 19.

Version 19 is uses an addon system called Python 3, whereas Version 18 uses Python 2. Many addons & builds have not yet been updated to work correctly with the Python 3 addon system which is why they are not working if your Kodi has automatically updated. It’s not currently recommended to update to Version 19 until more addons are updated to work with it.

If the automatic update has affected you and you want to revert back to Version 18, unfortunately, you can not roll back the update, you will have to uninstall & reinstall Kodi, along with your addons or build.

But, you can stop automatic updates from happening again.

Stop Google Play automatically updating Kodi

1. With Google Play open select the 3 lines in the top right of the screen

2. Select Settings

3. Select Auto-update apps

4. Select Don’t auto-update apps & then select DONE

5. That’s it. Your apps will not automatically update, they will only do it when you update them manually

If you have downloaded Kodi directly from kodi.tv or from another website/filelinked, your version of Kodi will not automatically update. What you will see instead is a Version Check message pop up on screen similar to this:

This is not telling you it has updated or that it will update. It is informing you that there is a new update to Kodi & you should update. But, as already mentioned in this post, it’s not currently recommended to update to Version 19 until more addons are updated to work with it.

If you want to turn this Version Check feature off, you can check out a tutorial on how to do it here.


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