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Take a look at my Plex review video for full details or check out the information below instead. This app can be installed on almost any device e.g. Firestick, Fire Cube, Nvidia Shield, Android box, Chromecast, phones, tablets, PC and more.

The Amazon Firestick is certainly the most popular streaming device on the market right now due to its low price and ability to jailbreak it with just a few simple tweaks. It’s a perfect streaming device for beginners as well advanced users who wish to cut the cord.

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What is Plex?

Plex is basically a giant streaming application! It has a markedly huge library of thousands of free (ad-supported) movies and TV shows. As well as over 250 channels of live TV available 24/7. It’s also received a brand-new update recently with new features that make streaming even easier. Above all, it’s completely free, without any payment or subscription. It also works almost everywhere, delivering content to and from more countries worldwide than any other streaming service. But content does vary depending on your location.



What Content Does Plex Have?

Live TV channels

As can be seen in my review video, over 250 free live TV channels make this service tempting to all. You can find Hallmark Movies, NBC News, the Walking Dead Universe, Crime 360, Stories by AMC, Crackle, PopcornFlix, AMC Thrillers, True Crime, The Johnny Carson Show, a selection of channels in Spanish, as well as channels from Samuel Goldwyn and many more.

Live TV also offers loads of channels for sports fans with highlights, replays, and live action. At the present time, you can find channels from beIN sports xtra, stadium, sports wire, fubo sports network, poker, fishing, outdoor sports, surfing, FTF sports, whistle TV, drag racing, MAVTV, motorsports, racing, sports grid, MMATV, iPACT!, fight network, Hard Knocks, combat sports, fighting and skiing.   


A VPN is required in order to bypass geographical restrictions on streaming services. By using a VPN you can choose your location and connect to the correct server to overcome streaming blocks. NordVPN especially has excellent unblocking capabilities and can unlock most streaming services, no matter where you are!

  • Hallmark Movies & More
  • The Walking Dead Universe
  • Stories by AMC
  • MovieSphere
  • Portlandia
  • allblk Gems
  • Lone Star
  • The Carol Burnett Show
  • Game SHow Central
  • Mystery Alley
  • AMC Thrillers
  • KIN
  • Caught in Providence
  • True Crime NOW
  • Johnny Carson TV
  • SHOUT! Factory TV
  • Judge Faith
  • Electric NOW
  • MOB TV
  • Cowboy Way
  • Wated: Dead or Alive
  • MHz NOW
  • Hi-Yah!
  • Popcornflix
  • Maverick Black Cinema
  • nosey
  • Tokushoutsu
  • El Conflicto Tribunal Del Pueblo
  • ondemand China
  • Rakuten VIKI
  • Horrorfy
  • Sony KAL HIndi
  • ClixTV
  • Best TV Ever
  • Galxy TV
  • All Weddings
  • AFV Family
  • Magellan Now
  • Freebie TV
  • The Elvis Presley Channel
  • Hallmark Movies & More
  • CineLife
  • MovieSphere Free
  • Lone Star
  • AMC Thrillers
  • Electric Now
  • Hi-Yah!
  • Popcornflix
  • Maverick Black Cinema
  • Tribeca Channel
  • IFC Films Picks
  • Samuel Goldwyn Channel
  • Samuel Goldwyn Classics
  • Samuel Goldwyn International
  • KINO Cult
  • Crackle
  • Midnight Pulp
  • CON TV
  • Wu Tang Collection
  • Film Stream
  • BlackPix
  • The Film Detective 
  • Dark Matter
  • Documentary+
  • 24 Hour Free Movies
  • gago
  • The Archive
  • Cinehouse Selects
  • Run:Time
  • Fright Flix
  • The Love Destination
  • revry
  • CinePride
  • Spark TV Light & Love
  • The Preview Channel
  • Unexplained
  • Gravitas Documentaries
  • Gravitas Adrenaline
  • Trailers From Hell
  • Run:Time en español
  • Canela TV
  • Top Cine
  • La Corriente
  • Cine Sureño
  • Tu Cine
  • Cine Real
  • K Movies
  • Afroland TV
  • Skills & Thrills
  • Crime 360
  • All reality
  • Caught in Providence
  • Judge Faith
  • Cowboy Way
  • nosey
  • real nosey
  • All Weddings
  • So Real
  • The Boat Show
  • Todo Crimen
  • nosey escandalos
  • RCN Más
  • Lively Place
  • Real Stories
  • Real Life
  • Morning News NOW
  • TODAY All Day
  • Euronews
  • Bloomberg
  • AccuWeather
  • USA Today
  • Bloomberg Quicktake
  • The Hill TV
  • Yahoo! Finance
  • Reuters
  • Cheddar News
  • Newsy
  • NewsMax TV
  • i24 News Updates
  • News 12 New York
  • Law & Crime Trial Network
  • US Weekly TV
  • made In Hollywood TV
  • People TV
  • Popstar! TV
  • revry news
  • Entrepreneur TV
  • Euronews en español
  • Euronews français
  • Euronews deutsch
  • Euronews italiano
  • Euronews português
  • The Weather Channel en español
  •  Estrella News
  • TED
  • Ryan and Friends
  • AFV Family
  • Toon Goggles
  • KiDoodle TV
  • Toon Goggles Junior
  • Kids Flix
  • Baby Shark TV
  • Dove Channel
  • Watch it Kid!
  • Ninja Kidz!
  • Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Freebie TV los Pitufos
  • Family Time by Questar
  • Kids Pang
  • Family Time
  • Kin Original Series
  • revry
  • Journy
  • People TV
  • Chicken Soup for the Soul
  • Lively Place
  • Tastemade
  • gustoTV
  • Cooking Panda
  • So Yummy!
  • Glewed TV
  • Popsugar Fitness
  • The Design Network
  • GFN TV
  • Choppertown
  • MoreU
  • Arts TWG+
  • Commune
  • Todo Life
  • Grid
  • Happi TV
  • Stadium
  • ACC Digital Network
  • Overtime
  • Campuslore Sports
  • Sports Wire
  • Fubo Sports Network
  • World Poker Tour
  • Outside
  • Poker Night TV
  • Party Poker
  • Wired 2 Fish
  • Outdoor America
  • Waypoint TV
  • Edge Sport
  • FTF Sports
  • Whistle TV
  • Extreme
  • NHRA Championship Drag Dracing
  • MAV TV Select
  • Motorvision TV
  • Racing America
  • Sports Grid
  • MMA TV
  • IMPACT! Wrestling
  • Fight Network
  • Pro Wrestling TV
  • Hard Knocks
  • Fite 24/7
  • Channel Fight
  • Combat Gp
  • Black Belt
  • Spartan TV
  • XFC TV
  • Slopes TV
  • Surf Now TV
  • Swerve Sports
  • America the Beautiful
  • Surf Now TV
  • True History
  • Magellen TV Now
  • The Bob Ross Channel
  • Love Nature
  • TED
  • Wild Earth
  • Weather Spy
  • Go Traveler
  • Go USA
  • Xplore
  • MBC
  • Space Channel
  • Unidentified
  • Timeline
  • Wonder
  • Pattrn
  • Real Stories
  • Beautiful Planet
  • Real Life
  • Stingray Nature Escape
  • Docurama
  • Love Nature en español
  • Saber Más
  • Are We There Yet?
  • The Carol Burnett Show
  • Johnny Carson TV
  • Kevin Hart’s LOL! Network
  • Def Comedy Jam
  • FailArmy
  • The Pet Collective
  • Mystery Science Theatre 3000
  • Slightly Off IFC
  • Freebie TV
  • Comedy Dynamics
  • Humor Mill
  • People are Awesome
  • unVALEd Network
  • Chive TV
  • Sony Comedias
  • Juntos
  • Fuse Backstage
  • Classic Rock
  • AXS TV Now
  • Qello Concerts
  • Qwest Classical
  • Qwest Jazz & Beyond
  • Qwest Mix
  • Flash
  • MMC
  • K Pop
  • YG TV
  • Stingray Greatest Hits
  • Stingray Hot Country
  • Stingray Everything ’80s
  • Stingray Hit List
  • Stingray Classic Rock
  • Stingray Soul Storm
  • Vivaldi
  • The Elvis Presley Channel
  • Party Tyme Karaoke
  • Party Tyme Karaoke en español


  • eSports TV
  • Retro Crush
  • IGN
  • Tankee
  • Con TV Anime
  • Asian Crush
  • Play Works
  • KMTV
  • eSport 24
  • Dungeon
  • Level Up TV
  • A8 eSports
  • Sony novelas
  • Sony competencias
  • Estrella TV
  • El conflicto!
  • Canela TV
  • Top cine
  • La corriente
  • Cine sureno
  • Tu cine
  • Cine real
  • Todo crimen
  • nosey escandulos
  • RCN Más
  • Euronews en español
  • MN Canal
  • The Weather Channel en español
  • Estrella news
  • AFV en español
  • Chiquilines
  • Freebie TV los pitufos
  • Todo life
  • Love Nature en español
  • Saber más
  • Sony comedias
  • Juntos
  • Flash
  • MMC
  • Party Tyme Karaoke en español
  • Level up TV

On Demand

There is a massive library of over 50,000 free on-demand titles that also includes the library of free content from the Plex streaming service. Take a look at the list below to illustrate what’s available at the time of writing this post.  

Movies TV Shows
•The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo • Hannibal
• Battle Royale • The Fall
• Wolf Creek • Snowpiercer
• The Infiltrator • Taboo
• Wind River • Hell's Kitchen
• Hannibal Rising • Ripper Street
• 1408 • Murdoch Mysteries
• Last Knights • Extras

What is Plex Discover?

A further feature that’s been added very recently is the Discover section. This works similarly to JustWatch and ReelGood. You choose the streaming services you have access to so that Plex can pull in the information from those services. You’ll then be able to see what’s available for you to watch across all of your selected streaming services; all in one central and convenient location. However, to use the Discovery section and save your choices, you must sign up for a free Plex account.

Plex Media Server

As well as offering free content, Plex is also a media centre. In brief, if you have lots of your own personal media, you can access and share all of your entertainment across almost all of your devices.

"Plex is the key to personal media bliss. Once you download our free and easy-to-use software where you store your files (usually a computer or external hard drive), it takes care of the rest. Plex magically scans and organises your files, automatically sorting your media beautifully and intuitively in your Plex library. Once you've downloaded our app on your favourite devices, you'll be up and streaming everything in minutes."

Plex website

What is Plex Pass?

Plex Pass is a premium service that additionally gives users access to several features. At this time, this costs £2.99 GBP / month. Some of the benefits for example include allowing you to watch and record over-the-air broadcasts. You will obviously need a compatible tuner device and antenna in order to receive local TV channels. You’ll also be able to download your media to another device and watch offline with Mobile Sync. If you’re interested in taking a closer look at all that Plex Pass has to offer, it would certainly benefit you check out the dedicated webpage.

Where is Plex available?

At this time, Plex is available worldwide. But if you can’t get it in your area and want to stream content from the Plex app then you may be able to use a VPN to bypass any location blocks. Accessing content with Plex through a VPN is also beneficial, even if Plex is available in your area. As content varies depending on where you are located, changing your location to the US with a VPN generally unlocks new content.

NordVPN is my recommendation because it has strong unblocking capabilities. If you presently use IP Vanish as your VPN and want to unblock streaming services, I would consider switching to my recommended VPN. Despite IP Vanish being a safe and secure VPN, it does not have very good unblocking capabilities. Furthermore, you will struggle to use streaming services that are based outside of your location.


A VPN is required in order to bypass geographical restrictions on streaming services. By using a VPN you can choose your location and connect to the correct server to overcome streaming blocks. NordVPN especially has excellent unblocking capabilities and can unlock most streaming services, no matter where you are!

Do I Need to Sign Up?

No. As a matter of fact, no account, subscription or signup is required. In other words, everything is free! However, you do have the option to sign up for an account and that is totally free also! Signing up can get you additional benefits such as saving to your watchlist and locating and connecting with your media server.

Where Can I Watch Plex?

Plex is available to stream on most of your devices as an app as well as on any web browser. Simply search your app store for Plex then install it.

But if you can’t get Plex from your app store then you may be able to sideload it. In order to do so, your device must be capable of installing apps from unknown sources. Once your device is enabled for sideloading, you can then install the Plex app from my Downloads page.

A VPN is required if you want to bypass geographical restrictions on streaming services. By using a VPN you can choose your location then connect to the correct server to overcome blocks on your streaming. NordVPN especially has excellent unblocking capabilities and can unlock most streaming services, no matter where you are!

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