How to use a Temporary Email

By following this guide, you will learn how to use a temporary email. Specifically, we will be taking a look at how to use the 10 Minute Mail service.

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What is a Temporary Email?

A temporary email can also be known as a burner mail, disposable email, anonymous mail or throwaway email. Basically, it’s an email address that you use for a short period of time then discard.

Why Do You Need it?

From time to time, you may choose to use an email address that is temporary. This can be especially useful for those instances where you don’t want to give out your primary email address. Such as when visiting any of the unofficial websites listed in my guides to Free Live TV, Free Movie and Free Sports. Here are some more reasons why you should certainly consider using a disposable email.

How to Use 10 Minute Mail

There are lots of email services you can choose from that provide a temporary address. Such as 10 Minute Mail. 10 Minute Mail provides a temporary and private email address that self-destructs in 10 minutes. By visiting the 10 Minute Mail website, you’ll get a personal email address and inbox that no one else can see or has access to. Use that inbox to receive emails, click on links and reply. 

After the 10 minutes is up, the email address expires and all email is deleted. However, if you need more time, simply click the option to give you 10 More Minutes.

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