How to use a Fake Name Generator

By following this guide, you will learn how to use a fake name generator to protect your identity and stay safe online. Take a look at my video for full details or check out the information below instead.

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Why use fake information?

With the rise of online fraud, as well as services that are excessively collecting your data, you could benefit from being a bit cautious.
Many websites require you to sign up in order to use their service. Details such as name, address, phone number and D.O.B are often required. If you don’t feel comfortable proving this personal data, then using fake information is a great alternative. The Fake Name Generator website is indeed a great way to do this.


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What is Fake Name Generator?

Fake Name Generator is a website that basically generates a totally random identity. You can use these details so that your personal information is kept safe.

Is Fake Name Generator legal?

Yes it certainly is! All of the information provided is fake and furthermore, information cannot be used to make purchases online or to obtain employment. The website explicitly does not condone, support or encourage illegal activity of any kind. In fact, it states on their website that they will cooperate with law enforcement to assist in the prosecution of anyone who misuses the information that is provided.

How do I use Fake Name Generator?

The website is particularly easy to use. An identity is generated for you straightway with a US address. But, you can generate a new random identity and change the gender and country for a different address if required.

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