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BritBox is a subscription service launched in the UK in late 2019. The platform is a joint venture between the BBC and ITV with your favourite British programmes all in one place. New TV and movies are added every week. The service features over 300 TV box sets including classics such as Grange Hill, Thunderbirds, Dad’s Army and Mr. Benn as well as BritBox originals like The Beast Must Die and Spitting Image. Take a look at some more examples in my review video.

Although this is a paid service, some of its content is available on free services such as BBC iPlayer. But, if you love digging into the archives of classic shows, BritBox could be right for you. As an example, with this service, you can enjoy over 550 classic Dr. Who episodes dating back to 1963. Click the download BritBox button to install this app. 


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