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If you have a Real-Debrid subscription & you think that you aren’t getting the results & premium links when you are searching for a movie or TV show, this could be happening for several reasons & there are a few tips you can try.

Watch the video above or check out some troubleshooting hints & tips below.

What can be causing issues with Real-Debrid & how to fix them?

1. Check your subscription hasn’t expired

Remember that Real-Debrid is not a reoccurring subscription service so once your purchased days have run out, your Real-Debrid will automatically stop working. Go to the Real-Debrid website & log in. Look for “Premium” and this will tell you if you’ve got a current active account or if it has expired. If your days have expired, head to “Premium Offers” to purchase some more. 

2. Refresh your details

If you have checked that your service is still active & you are still not getting any Real-Debrid links, you can try going into the app that you’ve got it linked to, signing out & logging back in to reset & refresh the details.

3. Hit the search again

Sometimes, when searching for links, you might not get a whole load of premium sources from Real-Debrid in your search results, you might only get a few.
What I have found works in some instances, is going back to the previous screen & then just running the search again.
This seems to return extra search results; I don’t know why this works but in some circumstances it does & hopefully just this little tip will help to improve your results.

4. Clear your history

Something else we can look at is our search history. Sometimes it can help if you clear it out. Go to the Real-Debrid website & log in & click on My Downloads then click on the red X in the black bar to DELETE ALL. This has been reported as working for some people in resolving issues.

5. Your ISP may be blocking

Your ISP can see that you are communicating with Real-Debrid & could either block or throttle your connection. To resolve this, connect through a VPN & see if your search results change.

6. Your IP address, your ISP or your VPN is being blocked by Real-Debrid

If you are getting no premium Real-Debrid links at all, this could be because your IP address or your ISP provider or VPN provider is blocked on Real-Debrid.
You can check to see if you are being blocked by going to At the top of the page, you will see a RED box if you are being blocked or a BLUE box if you are not.

If you are being blocked, there are a few things you can do.
a. Connect to a VPN if you are not already
b. If you are connected to a VPN, check that your VPN provider is on the list of cooperative VPN providers. If your VPN is not on this list, this doesn’t always mean for certain that your VPN is blocked. You can try changing what VPN server you are connected to then checking again to see if that server is also blocked. Try a few different server locations to test which ones work
c. If these steps do not help, you can contact Real-Debrid & ask that your VPN server be added to their whitelist. Search the HELP section on the Real-Debrid website & type in “whitelist” for instructions on how to do this.
d. You can also consider switching your VPN provider 


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