Can You Use a Firestick Without Wi-Fi or Internet?
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Can You Use a Firestick Without Wi-Fi or Internet?

Can you use apps on your Firestick without any Wi-Fi or without an internet connection? Can you use your Fire TV Stick if Home is Currently Unavailable? Find out the answer in this quick video or check out the information below.

Can you use your Firestick without any Wi-Fi?

The answer to that question is yes and no, depending on which apps you have installed. Your Firestick is a streaming device. You’re likely to be using it to stream from applications such as Netflix or YouTube. As these applications are dependent on the internet to stream content, without it, they wont work.

But you can still open and use any app you have installed that doesn’t require an internet connection. You just won’t be able to open any apps the way you normally would. You will get a ‘Network Unavailable’ error.

Instead, you’ll need to launch your applications a different way. Click on the cog icon and go to:

Settings / Applications / Manage Installed Applications

Access games and media

Some examples of apps you can continue to use without a connection to the internet include games like Crossy Road and Flappy Birds Family.

If you’ve downloaded, recorded, saved or moved any videos or photos to your Firestick, you’ll also still be able to access and view those files. You can do this by using a file explorer app such as X-plore to navigate to the files location and open them.

This will also work if you have files saved onto a storage device you have plugged into your Firestick. If you are travelling and know that you’re not going to have any internet, you can take saved video files from your computer, put them on a USB drive, and attach it to your Firestick. You can then use X-plore to open and view your media files. Just remember that any attached storage must be formatted to FAT32 and video files must be no larger than 4GB.

If you have video files saved onto your Firestick, or if you have a NAS or hard drive set up on your local network, VLC Player is another useful app. Using your Firestick and no internet connection, you can open VLC player to browse and watch all of your video files that are saved on your Firestick or on your home network drives.