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Move down the page and then click the download RedBox TV button to get this app for your Firestick and Android.

RedBox TV is one of the longest running unofficial live TV apps. It’s considered one of the best third-party apps to watch live TV for free. RedBox TV provides live TV channels organised into categories. You can find Sports, Science, Kids, Indian, Pakistani, South Indian, Arabic, UK, USA, Canada, Australia and more. Simply select a category, choose a channel and start streaming.

In order to install this app onto your device, it must be sideloaded. Therefore, make sure that your device is capable of installing apps from unknown sources.

Is RedBox TV legal?

Due to the nature of this application, it is impossible to verify if RedBox TV is indeed legal or not. However, it is unlikely that the majority of streams hold the proper licencing for broadcasting the content. In reality, this means you will be unlawfully streaming unlicensed content. Doing so could get you into legal trouble. Accordingly, you may prefer to use this app with a VPN

Move down the page and then click the download RedBox TV button to get this app for your Firestick and Android.


Your online activity is open to threats and snooping from your ISP, hackers, or governments. For that reason, a VPN can help to protect and defend you against any attacks. Using a VPN can also unblock access to the internet in countries where the internet is censored and can bypass other geographical restrictions.

In order to stream anonymously, stay protected, and unlock the internet, I recommend using NordVPN.

Legal Copyright Disclaimer: As has been noted, streaming copyrighted content is unlawful and could get you into legal trouble. On account of this, we do not condone the streaming of copyrighted content. Therefore, check your local laws for streaming content online before doing so. Consequently, the information on this website is for general information and educational purposes only. 

The Amazon Firestick is certainly the most popular streaming device on the market right now due to its low price and ability to jailbreak it with just a few simple tweaks. It’s a perfect streaming device for beginners as well advanced users who wish to cut the cord.


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