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Reelgood combines all of your streaming services in just one place so you can browse, search & watch TV & Movies from over 20 different services such as Netflix, NOW TV, Disney+, Prime Video, BBC iPlayer & more.

Reelgood is available in the UK, US, Germany, France, Spain, Italy & the Netherlands.

In just one app, Reelgood becomes your ultimate free & legal streaming hub that will tell you where to watch anything for free so you can legally stream top quality movies & TV shows from CBS, Fox, Crackle, BBC, Channel 4 & more.

You can add in your subscription streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, & more, & if you have a cable or satellite subscription, you can also access your TV everywhere channels too.

Check out the video above for a step-by-step video guide or select below for a detailed guide for your device!


18.4 MB 1214 downloads v1.0

Step-by-step Tutorial

You may be able to get Reelgood directly from Google Play. Try there first. If you can’t get it from Google Play then follow the steps below:

1. Download the apk file by selecting the DOWNLOAD button above. Open the file & follow the on-screen instructions to install Reelgood. 

If you are having issues installing third-party apps, follow these steps & then try again:

1. Find & select Settings on your Android device

2. Within Settings scroll down to find & select Apps

3. Select the 3 dots from the top right of the screen

4. Select Special access

5. Scroll down & select Install unknown apps

6. Find & select the app that you want to install from (in most cases you will be looking for your web browser, in this example, Chrome)

7. Toggle on allow from this source

Done. Your device will now allow installations of third-party apps from this application.

Step-by-step Tutorial

You may be able to get Reelgood directly from the Amazon App Store. Try there first.

If you can’t get it from Amazon then follow the steps below:

1. Download & install the Downloader app. You can get this directly from the Amazon App Store. Search for Downloader & install it

2. Open the Downloader app

3. With Downloader open, click up with your remote to select the text box

4. Using the on-screen keyboard, enter the following URL: get.filelinked.com then select Go to download Filelinked

5. Filelinked will now download. It’s not a large file so shouldn’t take long

6. When Filelinked has finished downloading, you will see the install screen


7. Wait while Filelinked is installed

8. Once Filelinked is installed, App installed will be displayed on screen

Before you open Filelinked, select DONE (We just want to do some tidying up!)

9. You will now see a prompt on screen. Select Delete. This will delete the installation file as it is no longer needed, freeing up valuable space on your Fire TV device

10. Confirm this action by selecting Delete again

11. To open Filelinked, press & hold the Home button on your remote for several seconds until the shortcut screen appears

Select Apps

12. Now locate Filelinked & select it to open it up

13. With Filelinked open you will see you need to enter a code

Enter my Filelinked code: 71607934


14. You will now be taken into Filelinked. Select DISMISS on any popups

Hint – Everything within each section of my Filelinked store is sorted alphabetically, making it easy to find what you are looking for

Fire TV device Hint – Use the Fast Forward & Rewind buttons on your remote to skip forward & backward through each section for faster navigation

15. Reelgood is located within the Movies & TV Shows section. Scroll down or skip forward until you find that section

16. Click down until the green box is around Crackle & the download icon is highlighted in green, click to select it

Reelgood will now download

17. Once the download has finished, the download icon will change to a play icon

Select it to begin the installation

18. You will then see a popup box


19. Reelgood will now install

20. Once installed select OPEN

21. Reelgood is now installed & ready to use, however on some occasions you will not be able to open Reelgood directly from here. If this is the case, read on…

22. Press & hold the Home button on your remote for several seconds until this screen appears

Select Apps

23. Scroll down, find & select Reelgood from the list.

24. Reelgood will now open

Fire device Hint – A good work around for this issue is to install a Launcher. If you want to see an example, check out ATV Launcher


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