Sky has CucoTV removed | April 2022
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Sky has CucoTV removed | April 2022

Why has CucoTV been removed? UK media giant Sky has asked GitHub to remove the website and APK file for CucoTV from their platform. In response, the APK file can no longer be downloaded from the CucoTV website that is hosted on GitHub.

cucotv apk not found

However, the CucoTV website remains in place.

CucoTV website on GitHub

What is CucoTV?

CucoTV is a hugely popular third-party application that allows access to free movies and TV shows such as Gomorra which was cited in a takedown notice, sent to GitHub by UK media giant Sky, as ‘illegal and unauthorised’. This led to the CucoTV APK file being removed.


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Can I still use CucoTV?

Yes. At the time of writing this post, if you already have CucoTV installed, it may still remain working for some people on some devices. The CucoTV APK file can also still be downloaded from alternate sources such as my Download page.

The future of CucoTV remains to be seen. Sky have previously sent similar takedown notices to GitHub requesting the removal of the CucoTV website and APK file back in May and June 2021 without success.  

Is it safe to use CucoTV and other third-party streaming apps?

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Even more latest news!

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