It has been reported that you can now install Android 11 on your Firestick! The Fire TV Stick 3rd-generation & the Fire TV Stick Lite have been rooted, allowing full access to the device’s software. Users for the first time have the ability to install custom ROM’s, so if like many you are not a fan of the Amazon OS your can install Android 11.

Although this sounds exciting, before reading on be aware that when making such a substantial change to your device you will most likely be faced with issues, bugs or more seriously you could ‘brick’ your device completely. This will be due to the simple fact that the Firestick was never designed run Android.

Also to complete a root on your Firestick & then install a custom ROM, your device must be running Fire OS version or older.

What do the words rooting & ROM’s mean?

Amazon like their own OS, know as Fire OS & do not want anyone to alter it. Doing so would remove the ability to monitor its users & more importantly remove all ad revenue from its devices.

Many videos you have probably watched online show users how to ‘Sideload’ or ‘Jailbreak’ their device, which gives the ability – with a small settings change – to install 3rd party apps on to your Firestick or run ADB commands to make small code changes to increase storage or block software updates as examples.

Rooting your device is different, when a device (in this scenario the Firestick) is rooted it gives the user unrestricted access to change any aspect of the device’s software. When your device is rooted you can then install a totally different operating system, these are referred to as custom ROM’s.

If you decide to root your Firestick the next logical step would be to install a custom ROM. k4y0z a member of the XDA forum has posted instructions on how to use a custom TWRP recovery which will then allow the user to install custom ROMs. Another user Rortiz2 has created a custom ROM based on LineageOS & Android 11.

Should I root my Firestick?

This isn’t really a question anyone apart from yourself can answer. Personally I like my Firestick the way it is. Fire OS doesn’t bother me & although there are limitations, one major one being not having the ability to use the Google Play Store, I accept this & sideload apps I want, as I want my Firestick to run without any issues.

I know how exciting it sounds to install Android 11 on your Firestick but just remember that with any substantial changes you make to any device, this usually comes with issues. You need to weigh the bad against the good on rooting & installing a custom ROM on to your Firestick.

My advice, before doing anything is to read both threads & have a full understanding of what you are doing & more importantly what issues others are facing.

If you would like to read either thread you can check them both out on the links below.

Rooting threadk4y0z
Custom ROM threadRortiz2

Even more latest news!

Even more latest news!

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