IMDb TV changes its name to Freevee
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IMDb TV changes its name to Freevee

IMDb TV changes its name to Freevee from April 27. The rebrand will compete with the likes of Roku Channel, Pluto TV and Peacock’s free tier.

What is IMDb TV?

IMDb TV is an ad-supported library of TV shows, movies and channels, owned by Amazon. When originally launched in January 2019 it was called Freedive before changing to IMDb TV a few months later in June. Ashraf Alkarmi, director of Freevee has said the name change “…clearly communicates who we are: An easy-to-navigate service, available to to users for free, whenever and wherever they choose to watch some of the greatest original and licenced content available.”

Where is IMDb TV available?

Originally launched in the US, IMDb TV expanded to the UK in late 2021. The news release from Amazon announcing the name change also hinted to an expansion into Germany later this year.

What’s new?

The service has tripled its users in the past two years and plans to add 70% more original content this year. This will include a spinoff of the longest-running Original series for Prime Video, Bosch: Legacy. As well as a new home-design series, Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis. Along with the new Original series, Freevee is also adding Original movies to its content lineup, beginning with the workplace rom-com Love Accidentally. The service will announce additional new programming at its NewFronts presentation in May.


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Even more latest news!

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