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The Alvin Addon is a good addon addition to add to Kodi, giving you the ability to stream all the latest movies & tv shows, it is a fork of the Exodus & Covenant Addons. This video will show you how to install the Alvin addon.

If you really want to get the most out of the Alvin Addon, consider a Real-Debrid account for even more content & links.

Check out the video above for a step-by-step video guide or select below for a detailed guide for your device!

Step-by-step Tutorial

1. Open Kodi. Select the Cog icon

2. Select System

3. Select Add-ons

4. Select Unknown sources to toggle it on

5. Select Yes

6. Return to the System page. Select File manager

7. Select Add source

8. Select < None >

9. Enter the following URL. Make sure you enter it exactly as even a small mistake may give you an error:

Once entered select OK

10. We now need to enter a name for the source, select the area under Enter a name for this media source.

11. Enter a name, I like to use a name I can easily find. However you can enter any name here

Once entered select OK

12. Select OK

13. Go back to the previous screen. Select Add-ons

14. Select Install from zip file

15. Select Yes

16. Find & select the source we entered earlier (for this example I called mine alvin)

17. Select (this name may be slightly different)

18. Wait for confirmation to appear on-screen

19. Select Install from repository

20. Find & select Octopus Repository

21. Find & select Video add-ons

22. Find & select Alvin

23. Select Install

24. Select OK

25. Wait whilst the addon is installed (this may take some time, be patient)

Once a tick appears next to the addon name the install is complete

26. Return to Kodi home

27. Select Add-ons, then find & select Alvin to open it

Alvin is now installed. However if you want to link your Real-Debrid or Trakt account, continue with this tutorial to find out how.

Note: If you do not have a Multi-Downloader consider looking into Real-Debrid

28. Link your Real-Debrid account

Select Tools

29. Select ResolveURL : Settings

30. Select Universal Resolvers

31. Scroll down until you find Real-Debrid

Select (Re)Authorise My Account

32.You will then be prompted with a code (make a note of the code on your screen & not the code showing here)

33. On any web browser go to:

34. Enter the code you noted down from part 32

35. Select Continue

36. You are now required to give the device you are linking a name.

Hint: This can be anything, it is for your reference. If you have several devices connected to your Real-Debrid, entering a name will make it easier to find

37. Select Set that name

38. Your Real-Debrid is now linked to your Kodi Addon

Note: You will need to link your Real-Debrid account individually to each Kodi addon you have installed

39. Link your Trakt account

Select: TRAKT : Authorise

40. You will then be prompted with a code. Make a note of it (make a note of the code on your screen & not the code showing here)

41. On any web browser go to:

42. Enter the code you noted down from part 40

43. Select YES

44. Your Trakt account is now linked to your Kodi Addon

Note: You will need to link your Trakt account individually to each Kodi addon you have installed

45. Alvin is now setup to be used to stream your favourite movie or tv show


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