Filelinked has now closed

If you are looking for your favorite APK/App you can find everything that was in my Filelinked store right here on my website! If Filelinked ever returns I will update this page.

Filelinked Code: 71607934
Filelinked PIN: 1313

Check out this video review & guided tour of FireTVSticks Filelinked store.

What is Filelinked?

Filelinked is a file-sharing app, that allows users to side load apps onto their device. Currently this can be done on Android & Fire devices. However, Filelinked can also be used to share all types of files, including; music, videos, photos & apk files (apps) & much more!

If there is an app that you think should be added to the FireTVSticks Filelinked let me know here.

1. Select Settings from the home-screen of your Fire TV device

2. Select Device or My Fire TV (This may be different depending on which device you are using)

3. Select About

4. Within About you will find your device name & then on the left hand side (highlighted in red below) is your Fire TV Home Version. The beginning number is your Fire OS (in this example mine would be 6)

1. Select Settings from the home-screen of your Fire device

2. Select Device or MyFireTV (This maybe different depending on which device you are using)

3. Select Developer Options

4. If Apps from Unknown Sources is OFF, select it & turn it ON

5. Select Turn On to confirm

Your Firestick is now setup to allow installations of third-party apps. You will never have to do this process again.

With FireOS 7 you shouldn’t have to follow the tutorial below. When you want to install third-party apps form another app (for example Downloader) you should receive the following message on screen & then skip to step 4. If you are still experiencing issues try following the tutorial from step 1 below.

1. Select Cog icon from the home-screen of your Fire device

2. Scroll down & select MyFireTV (This maybe different depending on which device you are using)

3. Select Developer Options

4. Select Install unknown apps

5. Find the app you want to allow installations from unknown sources & toggle it from ‘off‘ to ‘on

Your Firestick is now setup to allow installations of third-party apps from this particular app.

1. Find & select Settings on your Android device

2. Within Settings scroll down, find & select Apps

3. Select the 3 dots from the top right of the screen

4. Select Special access

5. Scroll down & select Install unknown apps

6. Find & select the app that you want to install from (in most cases you will be looking for an app that you are installing apps from. For example Filelinked or Downloader)

7. Toggle on allow from this source

8. Done. Your device will now allow installations of third-party apps from this application

How to install Filelinked

Video Tutorial


Step-by-step Tutorial

1. Open a web Brower on your device

2. Type in the following url:

3. Select Download

4. Filelinked will download

5. Once Filelinked is downloaded select Open file

6. Select Install

7. Filelinked will now install

8. Select Open

9. If you are prompted to allow Filelinked to access your files you must allow

10. Filelinked is now installed & ready to use

Installing Filelinked on this type of device you will need to Install an application, that we can use to then get the Filelinked app. I recommend using Downloader & that is what I will be using in this tutorial today.


Video Tutorial


Step-by-step Tutorial

1. Download Downloader – You can get this directly from your device. Just search Downloader & install it.

2. Open the Downloader app

3. With Downloader open & the Home tab preselected on the left. Select the text box

4. With the on-screen keyboard enter the following URL: & then select Go to download Filelinked

5. Filelinked will now download. It’s not a large file so should not take long

6. When Filelinked has finished downloading the Downloader app will automatically start the install.


7. Wait while Filelinked is installed

8. Once Filelinked is installed App installed will be displayed onscreen.

Select DONE (We just want to do some tidying)

9. You will now see a prompt on screen. Select Delete. This will delete the installation file of Filelinked that is no longer needed. Freeing up valuable space on your Fire device

10. Then confirm by selecting Delete again

Filelinked is now installed.

11. To open Filelinked, press & hold the Home button on your remote for several seconds until the shortcut screen appears.

Select Apps

12. Now locate Filelinked & select it to open it up

How to use Filelinked

1. With Filelinked open you will see that you need a code. I have my own code, you can enter it here to gain access to my Filelinked store.

Enter code: 71607934


2. You will now be taken into Filelinked. DISMISS any popups 

There are loads & loads of really great apps that you can install to get the most out of your firestick or android device & I have shared some of the best of them in my Filelinked.

Because there are so many listed here, for ease of use, I have broken it down into different sections.

Fire device Hint – Use the Fast Forwards & Rewind buttons on your remote to skip forwards & backwards to sections.

Hottest | Recommended

I try to put apps here that you might find most useful & will help you better use other applications that are hard to navigate so you can install a mouse toggle or an app that has loads of adverts & you want an adblocker.

Movies & TV Shows

This section is great for all your TV Show & Movie apps. Ones I would recommend are:

BeeTV – A great app for movies & TV shows. Search for sources, choose your best link. Trakt & Real-Debrid, AllDebrid & Premiumize integration.

CatMouse – A great app for movies & TV shows. Search for sources, choose your best link. Trakt & Real-Debrid integration. Can link to external download manager.

Cinema HD – A great app for movies & TV shows. Search for sources, choose your best link. Trakt & Real-Debrid, AllDebrid & Premiumize integration. Can link to external download manager

Sofa TV – Great one-click app for movies & TV shows.

Viva TV – A great app for movies & TV shows. Search for sources, choose your best link. Trakt & Real-Debrid, AllDebrid & Premiumize integration.

Vudu – If you live in the UK, US or Canada, you should be able to get this directly from your Amazon app store. However, if you can’t or if you live outside of the UK, US or Canada you can install it from my Filelinked.

Some of these apps like Vudu for example do contain content that you will not be able to access without using a VPN as the content is geo-locked to a certain region. For any apps that do require the use of a VPN to change your location, I have written this in the description that you can find right next to each app so if you are unsure, the description is useful for finding out more information about the application before you install it

You will also see that next to some applications you have a question mark.

If I have a video tutorial or a review video on this application, this question mark is a link to my video on either YouTube or this website. So if you look through my Filelinked & see any apps that you might like to install but aren’t quite sure what it does or how to use it, just click on this question mark for help.

Live TV | IPTV

If you want Free live TV then this section is for you. Some good apps are:

RedBox TV – RedBox is a great app for free live TV channels.

HD Streamz – Free live TV app.

Live NetTV – Free live TV app.

Mobdro – Free live TV app.

OLA TV – Free live TV app. Must also have Kshaw & Ludio installed.

Subscription Services

This section contains applications that either need a subscription to access its content or part of it. In some parts of the world some apps can not be installed from the usual places. If this is happening to you, you can find them within this section.

UK TV Apps

As talked about above some apps can not be installed from the usual places & there is some great free content from UK apps that can be found within this section.

Free VPN’s

A VPN is important to hide your identity or to bypass geo restricted content whilst online. When using some third party apps its advised to use a VPN. On occasions a paid VPN isn’t required & although a free VPN maybe slower or not offer the amount of servers that a paid VPN does they are free & they do work. Some good ones are:

ProtonVPN – Proton is a free VPN with unlimited data that is most importantly, safe to use.

Turbo VPN – Turbo has unlimited data, there’s no need to create an account & most importantly it’s safe to use.

Windscribe VPN – Windscribe offers a free service but with limited data.


There are loads of great apps out there, in the tools section you can find apps for many things, some good ones are:

CetusPlay – If you have had to use a Mouse Toggle app in the past, then you know how frustrating it can be. Today we are going to show you how to install an amazing alternative app that gives you a fantastic multi way remote!

Blokada – This is an app that you can install to help block those annoying ads you get when trying to watch something.

Remote ADB Shell – ADB Shell is used for many things, however if you have a Firestick & want to look at expanding the storage this app can be very helpful! Check out Firestick Storage for more.

X-Plore File Manager – If you want a good file Manager & has struggled with ES File Explorer then try X-Plore as an alternative.


If you like many others do not like the layout on your current device you can install a launcher that will not only completely change the way your device looks but also allow more customization. Some good ones are:

ATV Launcher Pro – ATV Launcher is another launcher (home screen) for Android TV set-top boxes, Fire devices & tablets.

AppStarter – AppStarter is an amazing app designed for the Amazon Firestick. Giving you greater control over your Firestick, custom backgrounds, listing all apps including sideloaded ones.

Leanback Launcher – Leanback Launcher allows you to customize the homepage of your device.

TVLauncher 3 – TVLauncher 3 is a custom launcher made from scratch for the big screen. The launcher is built for navigation with a remote or controller.

Device Clean-Up & Security

Keeping your device running in tip top shape is important, apps within this section can help, such as:

SD Maid – Is your Firestick slow, buffering or just not working right? Try this quick & easy app to make it run better!

Virus Total – This app will scan your device for viruses.

App Stores

Maybe the Amazon App Store or Google Play doesn’t have the app you are looking for? There any many alternative App Stores that contain thousands more apps that you can not usually get, some good ones are:

Aptoide TV – An alternative that is the world’s largest App Store!


This could be due to a few reasons. For the majority of instances, you will find that checking through this list will resolve most issues with Filelinked.

– Your ISP could be blocking you. If this is the case, you will need to use a VPN to bypass the restrictions.

– Try a restart of your device.

– Your system time & date on your firestick could be wrong. Go to Settings / Preferences / Time Zone / If this displays incorrect information here, try restarting your firestick. Remove it from your TV & power supply for at least 30 seconds then plug it all back in & and let it reboot. Check if the time & date settings have reset to the correct information & then check if this resolves your issues with Filelinked.

– Did you get given this Firestick as a gift or did someone else purchase it for you on their Amazon account? If so, this could mean that the Firestick is blocked because it is registered with Amazon to the account that was used to purchase the Firestick. In this instance, you will need to contact Amazon, explain that you were bought it as a gift & they will be able to unblock it for you.


Having issues? Check out the helpful links below for help & guidance on some of the most popular topics.

Mouse ToggleTry a Mouse Toggle to help you navigate. Some apps are not supported correctly by every device.

Bluestacks – Run any app with an Android Emulator! Works with Windows PCs & MAC.

Downloader – Having issues downloading apps? Use Downloader.

Unknown Sources – If you are finding apps are not installing or you are getting errors, try turning on Unknown Sources on your device!

Real-Debrid – Not getting great results when trying to stream? Check out Real-Debrid.

Trakt – Integrate all your watch history in one place.

Kodi – Want to install an Addon, Build or maybe you need some help?

Filelinked – If you can’t find an app or want to discover more. Take a look into Filelinked.

Adding Storage to your Fire Device – Need more storage? I have several tutorials on how to do this!

Buffering & LAG! – Check out some great tips & tutorials here.

Latest Live TV Apps!

Latest Live TV & Movie Apps!

VPN deals!