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Recently, with many updates from Amazon creating problems with Firesticks, you may be a little frustrated and want to stop any further updates from happening.

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to do just that!

Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1 – Disconnect from all networks. Go to Settings / Network

Remove all networks except the one you are going to use.

Remove a Network by highlighting over it, press the options button on your remote and press the select button to confirm.

Step 2 – Next, we need to make a note of our current Wi-Fi connection details.

Press back and go into Settings / My Fire TV / About

Tap down to Network.

Take a picture of this screen or make a note of the IP Address, Gateway, and Subnet Mask (from your Firestick screen).

Step 3 – Now that we have our network information, we can now remove this network as well. Go back to Settings / Network.

Remove your Wi-Fi connection.

Step 4 – Select your Wi-Fi again to connect to it and enter the password but do not click Connect.

Instead, click the Advanced button.

Step 5 – Now we need to refer back to the picture you took or the notes you made earlier (Step 2) and enter the IP address and click Next.

Then enter the Gateway address and click Next.

Step 6 – If the Subnet Mask you made a note of earlier is then enter 24 and click Next. If your Subnet Mask is something different then please refer to this page to find the correct Network Prefix Length for you.

Step 7 – Next, enter the DNS 1 address. This address is going to be different depending on your location. From the following list, pick the closest to your location.

Enter the corresponding DNS address. As I am in the UK, I’m going to enter the DNS address for Europe and click Next.

Leave the DNS 2 address blank and click Connect.

Wait a few seconds for the DNS portal to open up.

Step 8 – Tap up with your remote until you see an orange box around the Menu option and click to select it.

Then tap down and select Settings.

Then tap down again and select Fire TV.

Tap down and click on Temporary disable Captive Portal then click the back button on your remote.

After a few seconds, your Wi-Fi status should update to Connected.

Press the play/pause button on your remote if you want to double check and test your Wi-Fi connection to make sure that you are connected with no issues.

Step 9 – Now we can go and check if auto updates from Amazon on your Firestick are now blocked.

From the Settings go to My Fire TV.

Select About.

Scroll down and click on Check for Updates.

If this has worked correctly, you’ll see an update error confirming that auto updates are now blocked from happening on your device.

Step-By-Step Guide – Change VPN DNS server settings

If you use a VPN on your Firestick, you will also need to change the DNS server settings in your VPN app. I’m using NordVPN as an example but changing the DNS settings in other VPN apps should be very similar so long as your VPN app has this option within the Settings.

Step 1 – Open your VPN and go to the Settings.

Tap down until you see the DNS server options.

Select it and then choose Custom to set a custom DNS server.

Step 2 – Enter the same DNS 1 address that you entered earlier, depending on which location you are nearest to and click Next.

You may need to force stop and reopen your VPN for the changes to be implemented.

Step-By-Step Guide – Reverse this process

If you want to reverse this process.

Step 1 – Go into your Settings / Network.

Step 2 – Forget the Wi-Fi network you are connect to to remove the DNS settings.

Step 3 – Re-connect to your Wi-Fi, enter the password and click Connect.

Auto updates will start checking again and no longer be blocked.


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Time for an upgrade?

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