Fix Firestick low storage fast & easy!
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Fix Firestick low storage fast & easy!

This page will show you some helpful hints, tips & tricks on how to fix the critically low storage error on your Firestick. If you are a Firestick owner, then you are probably already aware of the space limitations. Maybe you are getting buffering, lag or you’re getting a constant message telling you that you are critically low on storage.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, especially the dreaded critically low on storage message, then stick with me as I go over some hints, tips & tricks to resolve your issues.

What can be causing issues with low storage & how to fix it?

1. Uninstall apps you no longer need or use

I know this one seems obvious but you may have apps that you’ve installed & have forgotten are there & uninstalling them is super easy to do.

Just as an example, when I press & hold the centre button on my remote & choose APPS, you would expect that ALL applications that you installed are shown here, but this is not always the case.

I have installed an app but it is not showing in this list. But if I press & hold the centre button on my remote, choose Settings, Applications, Manage Installed Applications, you can see that all apps will show in this list.

So, this is the list of installed apps that you should look at when considering which applications you no longer use, or no longer want, or apps that you installed & forgot they were there & you want to get rid of them.

Just click on any app to select it & then click down this list to UNISTALL, choose that option & then confirm you want to remove it. Repeat this process for all apps that you no longer need.

Just be aware however that not all apps can be removed. Some apps that are pre-installed by Amazon such as Prime Video cannot be removed. 

2. Force stop apps & clear the cache

When you exit any app when using the firestick, it doesn’t actually fully shut down unless you tell it to.

It will sit in the background & could be eating up system resources that could be causing buffering or lag issues when using other apps. Also, if you run clean-up programmes to free up space on your firestick, it doesn’t clear out the cache.

Cache always gets created when you use apps or browsers to temporarily save data & is essentially just junk that is taking up space on your firestick.

If this is something you already do on a regular basis, I would suggest doing this now for your most used apps only. If you have never, or haven’t done this in a long time, I would suggest doing this for all of your apps.

To force close & clear the cache, just go into Settings, Applications, Manage Installed Applications. Then start from the top, selecting each app in turn & choosing Force Close & then Clear Cache from this menu. Click back & repeat with the next app in the list & so on until you’ve done this for each one.

Removing apps, force stopping & clearing cache will all help make our Firestick run better & perform the way it should. For some of you, this would have resolved some, if not all of your issues.

3. Use a File Explorer app to check folders

Sometimes when removing an app, associated files will be removed at the same time, but sometimes, these files can remain, taking up valuable storage.

I like to use a File Explorer app called X-Plore to take look through my files, however you can use any file exploring program that you want.

If you want to use X-Plore, you can get it from my Filelinked, using code 71607934. If you do not know how to install or use Filelinked, click here. 

Delete unnecessary folders

With X-Plore open, on the right-hand side, take a look through your Internal Shared Storage. You can scroll through the files & folders that are on your Firestick & you may see folder names for apps that you have previously uninstalled.

These folders may only be taking up tiny amounts of space, but if you want to keep your firestick tidy, then you can remove these folders. Just press & hold the centre button on your remote when highlighted over the folder you want to remove & from the menu, choose DELETE.

Delete unnecessary files

You may see a folder called DOWNLOAD & when you click on it, it may show you a folder for Filelinked. When you install anything from Filelinked, the APK, or installation file downloads to your device & then installs the application from there.

Sometimes, the installation files get left behind & once you’ve installed the app, the installation file is no longer needed.

You can delete the Filelinked folder & all of the files within it by pressing & holding the centre button on your remote & selecting DELETE.

If you use Downloader to download files or applications, then the next folder to take a look at is Downloader. Again, any files that you find in here that you don’t want to keep can be deleted individually if you don’t want to delete the entire folder. Just highlight over the individual files, press & hold & choose DELETE.

Check for recordings & downloads

Scroll through, explore & check all of your folders on your internal storage. You may be surprised to find what is still lurking around. Recordings & downloads for example are folders that are definitely worth checking.

After the list of folders, you may also notice individual files that aren’t inside any folders. You might find APK files, log files & mp4 files that you never even knew were there.

Once you have identified these files, you can delete them. However, if you want to keep them but are still limited with the amount of storage your Firestick has, then you can think about expanding your storage.

Increase your storage

Expanding the storage of your firestick is quite an in-depth process, so for that reason, I have separate pages on this topic that explains everything in detail. If you’d like to take a look, click here.

Check out the video above for a step-by-step video guide or below for some helpful links.

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